Software for Managing Consignments in Multiple Locations

With CSTS you can:

  • Print labels with bar codes (including jewelry).
  • Track all merchandise at all locations.
  • Know the exact quantities and prices of items.
  • Know when to restock inventory.
  • Move inventory between locations.
  • Adjust prices at any time.
  • Record all income received as 'sales'.
  • Sell items not assigned to any location.
  • Resell for others for a commission.
  • Settle with resellers and consignors.
  • Create checks and record disbursements.
  • Compute profits, sales taxes, etc.
  • Create 300+ reports for distribution.

The program is free to use for 2 weeks. The demo is fully functional. If there's any problem or if you need assistance, please email us or call 888-427-5779.

Please note that this is a fully functional program for those who place items on consignment at consignment stores and resale shops. For a program for operating a resale business, please search for No-Fee Consignment Software.

'The New' No-Fee Consignment Software - Attractive Simple Design   Very Easy to Learn! Navigation BCSS has 'Work Areas' for Consignors, Disbursements, Inventory, Sales, and Settlements (plus Buyers and Employees in Diamond or Virtual.) The name of the work area selected will appear at the bottom of the screen (here 'Clients'). Organization For example, the Consignors Work Area (1) lists IDs, Names and Phone Numbers (2). Selecting a Consignor (3) displays information about the account (6). Click the colored buttons (7) for more information (contact info, inventory, settlements, etc.). One-click Functions and Reports are listed in areas 4 (Work-Area Menu) & 5 (Quick Links).

One-Press: It's not always convenient to sit down, locate the mouse, find the right link and click, so there's Keyboard Shortcuts! Press F2 to Add a Client (consignor or seller for buy outright), F3 to Add Inventory, F4 for Layaways, F5 for Rentals, F6 to Process a Sale, F7 to Process a Settlement, F8 for Items Entered Today, F9 for Today's Recap, F10 for Today's Sales, F11 for Today's Settlements. Hover to the right of F11 and click on the square that appears to open the cash drawer. Batch Process Perform the same task on a group of records at the same time and save time! Batch add, edit, settle. Print multiple checks and labels. Batch or auto discount, and batch delete - even by category or by consignor.

Quick Links in Every Work Area Example: Select a Consignor and One Click Account History to instantly view all of the following information: Account Balance Purchases Beginning Account Balance Cash Payments Consignor % for each item Consignor ID Credit Balance In Dates and Quantity Invoice Dates/Numbers Items Consigned, Descriptions and Prices Last Sale Date Settlement Amounts and IDs Total Settlement Due Settlements for Credit Total Purchases and Tax Quick Pay Consignors! 1. Press Settlement. Process the Settlement. 2. Print a check, pay cash, pay via PayPal and/or issue a store credit. Done!

Selecting a record in the Table: (Selected item has blue background.) Displays information (about the person or item selected) in the Details Area: Clicking on the colored tabs presents additional information: Details, General, Items, Notes and Settlements.

A Quick Start to Using BCSS (Click the colored buttons for details.) Add a Client Press F2. Enter information. Add Inventory Select a Client. Press F3. Enter information. Make a Sale Press F6. Enter Information. Make a Settlement Select the Consignor. Press F7. Process the settlement. Pay the Consignor Pay cash or PayPal. Write checks. Issue store credit. Create Reports View any information stored in BCSS. Within easy reach: amounts owed to consignors, sales for any period, taxes collected and much more.

Very important Advantages - Program Stability: BCSS has been 'field tested', literally, for years. Software Support: The Software is a diversified software development organization with locations throughout North and South America, Europe and S.E. Asia. Long-Term Cost: Know the cost of software and service for the period of time you plan on using it. You can pay $200, $500, $5,000 or $13,000+. Honorable Mention: From Microsoft on down to BCSS, you own the software for lifetime use.

Change the Date on Your Computer

When entering inventory items in batch for a date other than the current date, changing the date in Windows will avoid having to edit the date entry for each item.

  1. Click on the date/time display at the very lower-right corner of the Windows screen. (If the date/time isn't showing, the taskbar may be hidden. Hovering over the bottom of the Windows screen will make it appear if the taskbar location wasn't changed from the default of 'bottom'. Alternatively, click on the Start Button and type 'date' then select the option to change date and time.)
  2. Click on 'Change date and time settings'.
  3. Click on 'Change date and time'.
  4. Use the calendar to select the desired date.
  5. Click OK twice to close the date/time window.
  6. Remember to change the date back to the current date when finished with the task that required this change.

Reopening BCSS (and screens within the program that display 'date') will now display the revised date.

This hack is helpful when adding several items to inventory, for example, where the 'Date In' is different from the current date. It can also be helpful when creating new client records when the beginning date for new clients differs from the current date.

Remember to change the date back to the current date when finished with the task that required this change.