Software For Consignment, Layaway, Rental, Resale and Retail Sales

Do it all with one program for one price:

  • Consignment – Sell inventory belonging to others for a share of the sales proceeds.
  • Layaway – ‘Finance purchases’ by accepting down payments and periodic installments with delivery upon the final payment.
  • Rent merchandise with deposits, due dates, late fees
  • Rent floor space or booths in mall and markets
  • Resell (buy outright) merchandise purchased from people
  • Retail – resell stock purchased from businesses/suppliers

Consignment Software

  • Records inventory and consignors
  • Discounts aged inventory (automatically)
  • Prints agreements, labels, tags, receipts, checks and reports
  • Processes sales
  • Splits sales proceeds between consignor and consignee
  • Processes settlements
  • Produces reports


Layaways are a feature within Best Consignment Shop Software allowing stores to increase sales by allowing installment payments for purchases with delivery upon final payment. The software tracks buyers, items placed on layaway, the details of the transaction (date of purchase, schedule of payments, items purchased, price, sale tax) and provides reports on open and closed layaways and due dates.

Floor/Shelf Space Rental

The program records rental units, renters, the amounts of rent and due dates. It allows for late fees, customized fees and has a waiting list for spaces. The Virtual edition allows renters (vendors) to view their account information and add inventory online.

Merchandise Rental

Stores increase sales revenue by renting idle merchandise or those things that lend themselves to short-term use (like heavy equipment, vehicles, tools, videos, etc)

Resale (Buy Outright)

Buying merchandise from individuals (as opposed to businesses) is known in the program as ‘resale’ or ‘buy outright’. Sellers, their items and prices paid are recorded. Purchase agreements with items purchased are printed with provisions for signatures. Price labels and tags can be printed. Items can be sold at POS and the program records and reports profit/loss.

For each seller, create a client record and on the new-client screen, select ‘Save / Enter Buys’ to open the batch buy-outright screen. For an existing client select his/her record in the Clients Work Area then choose Batch Buy Outright in the lower-left menu.

Don’t use ‘house accounts’ for buy outright.


Retail is the purchasing and reselling of merchandise from businesses (suppliers, wholesalers, importers, etc.)

Create a client account and flag it as a ‘house account’ then use Batch Retail to open the batch-enter screen.

Multiple accounts can be created as a way of keeping track of sources of merchandise.


The results of all transactions (discounts, selling prices, inventory, employee commissions, sales tax) are combined in daily and periodic reports.

  • Use function keys for quick daily reports (entered, sold, settled and daily recap)
  • Use Reports to view activity for any period of time.
  • Use buttons on report screens to view preformatted reports.

Published by Mr. Consignment